Such a sad story

23 Jun

More than 100 women die during childbirth each week in Uganda, a heartbreaking statistic. That is about 16 moms per day. And that is JUST in Uganda.

Most of these deaths happen in villages where bad roads and poverty make it difficult for women to reach health centers. Even when they get there, some say, the available care is poor.

Health centers have been built in villages across Uganda, but the structures are usually devoid of equipment and medicine. Ugandan newspapers frequently tell stories of nurses who treat women in labor with a chilling lack of compassion. And at times, when the caregivers are overwhelmed, some women are left to die.

“Far too many women lose their lives giving birth. When a mother bleeds to death a nation bleeds.”

Breaks my heart. The thought of a child losing their mother in childbirth and potentially their life as well is so sad.

How can we help? Just putting it out there and hope an answer comes. What does Africa need? Why is it so broken?

Learn more by reading this article.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and carry love in my heart for women and children who are struggling.



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