Africa update: Kenya

4 Aug

Just a quick update! I cannot believe I am in Africa. It has been the most unbelievable experience so far. I cannot begin to explain the brokenness and the poverty that is here. Coming from an area of plentiful to a world of nothing is very challenging and yet humbling at the same time. So many children are orphaned in Africa (3 million). Just in Nakuru there are 15,000 orphans and only 75 homes to house them. That means there are so many living on the streets; begging and stealing and living and unfortunate life. It is really so sad. The children have nothing but the clothes on their backs. Some of them have no shoes. Yet with all this poverty their smiles and generosity compares to nothing else I know. They are joyful and their smiles warm my heart. Why are they joyful? Likely because many of them have been saved from the streets, are safe, and being fed. I can only assume.

I am with wonderful, loving people to experience these new environments which I am very thankful for.

We leave for Uganda today. I am open to all experiences that come my way. I look forward to touching more lives by a simple touch and hug and my loving heart.

Ps. On the way to the airport we saw a heard of baboons, zebras, and my favorite…2 giraffe.

We had an amazing visit and lunch at and orphanage on the way to the airport where I was blessed to hold three babies; Esther, Abraham, and Amos. You fill my heart little babies and I pray that you will always be taken care of.

Goodbye for now.


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One Response to “Africa update: Kenya”

  1. Joyce Dersham August 8, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    Wow Tina, I am fascinated and anxious to learn more about your travels and experiences in Africa. So sorry to have miss seeing you off and wishing you well before you left. I look forward to hearing all your stories and seeing pictures of your adventures upon your return.

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