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Thank You!

11 Oct

It is with heart-felt gratitude that I thank you for supporting my mission trip this summer to Kenya and Uganda.  It was possible only through your prayers, encouragement, physical help with fundraisers and financial support, that we were able to touch so many lives. In addition to providing love, spiritual guidance and connection, we also blessed orphans with fruit, maize, medicine, toys, clothes, shoes, school supplies and baby formula. My heart will never leave Africa. I hold the memories close and am committed to help ease the pain of so many children who are suffering, who are broken-hearted, who are lonely, who feel forgotten and abandoned; who are struggling on the inside but show joy on the outside.

You helped create this opportunity for me to see Africa beyond the traditional “National Geographic” mask…to really feel some of the pain this country suffers from and for that I am so thankful.  I am thankful to know their pain, their suffering first hand so I will never again take for granted all that I have.  But more important, through this experience I am filled with deep compassion and a desire to make their suffering part of my life; to help where I am called to, to build relationships and lift these children from their emotional struggles.

So again…thank you!