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Africa 2013: Here I come!

21 Nov

 Facts about Uganda’s Population

0-14 years: 49.1% (male 8,229,045/ female 8,280,499)      
15-64 years: 48.8% (male 8,158,822/ female 8,252,120)
65 years and over: 2.1% (male 320,237/ female 400,110) (2012 est.)

2.43 million of the 17.1 million children in Uganda are orphans. Some 32,130 children between the ages of 10-17 years are heading households. Nearly half of the country’s orphans have lost one or both parents to the AIDS pandemic.

Number of orphans in Uganda: 2,500,000 = 20% of the child population and 2% of the entire population

Number of children in foster care in the entire United States: 500,000 = .0067 % of the child population and .0016% of the entire population.

In March, 2013 I will board a plane and after 24 hours arrive in a place that suffers deeply.  Poverty, homelessness, disease, illness, abandonment, corruption, hunger, millions of mothers and their babies dying during childbirth… Of all the places one could visit, why Uganda, Africa?  For one really big reason, I was called to and I am listening to that calling. Crazy? Maybe but the message has been so clear that I cannot ignore what is being asked. Sometimes we have to step outside of our comfort zone to really open our eyes to what reality is.  This reality is not a TV show, but real lives suffering; sometimes living in physical pain, sometimes emotional pain and sometimes both.  In March I will open my heart to this pain so others can feel love, valued, respected and be seen. I will bring hope and encouragement, and inspire a life that is full of possibilities.  March couldn’t come soon enough.

When I left Uganda in August, I was broken-hearted. There was so much that could not be changed. In some ways that was discouraging, but also inspiring. What could I do, what was I to learn from this present trip?  What I learned was while I could not change everything, nor was that my purpose, I could help to change something. And that something, is why I am going back.  I am so excited for this new adventure and would love your support.

To learn more about the trip I will be taking with my church in March, and the work I hope to do please click on the link below.

Click Here>>>Africa, March 2013

Much Love,  Tina

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“You are not here on earth by accident. God has a plan and a purpose for your life.”