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When you cry out, the Lord helps you.

20 May

“When we cry out, The Lord helps you.”

On August 6th, 2012 I cried out, I cried tears of uncertainty, tears of pain…I was in Uganda at a home (an orphanage) that housed hundreds of children. I was on day 10 of my trip and feeling like God wanted me to hear, feel and to discover the reason I was in Africa. On that specific day I cried out because I felt so much pain and uncertainty; so much sorrow. In such pain I didn’t know what to expect but God was faithful. He comforted me and gently revealed what his plan was. From that day of crying like I have never cried before to this current moment, I have never felt so much confidence and determination about why I was sent to Africa. It was not an inward journey but a revelation that my heart and soul was meant to heal and to lend hope to the hopeless. Even more so, it was to provide stability; to be a constant, a solid foundation of unconditional love to two boys specifically. Yes, Trevor and David. I am often asked “Why Trevor and David”? That question is not easy to answer because I don’t know! I just know that I cried out, and my prayers were answered in a wonderful way!

“When you cry out, the Lord helps you.”