When you cry out, the Lord helps you.

20 May

“When we cry out, The Lord helps you.”

On August 6th, 2012 I cried out, I cried tears of uncertainty, tears of pain…I was in Uganda at a home (an orphanage) that housed hundreds of children. I was on day 10 of my trip and feeling like God wanted me to hear, feel and to discover the reason I was in Africa. On that specific day I cried out because I felt so much pain and uncertainty; so much sorrow. In such pain I didn’t know what to expect but God was faithful. He comforted me and gently revealed what his plan was. From that day of crying like I have never cried before to this current moment, I have never felt so much confidence and determination about why I was sent to Africa. It was not an inward journey but a revelation that my heart and soul was meant to heal and to lend hope to the hopeless. Even more so, it was to provide stability; to be a constant, a solid foundation of unconditional love to two boys specifically. Yes, Trevor and David. I am often asked “Why Trevor and David”? That question is not easy to answer because I don’t know! I just know that I cried out, and my prayers were answered in a wonderful way!

“When you cry out, the Lord helps you.”


One Response to “When you cry out, the Lord helps you.”

  1. Sue Swanton May 20, 2013 at 6:25 pm #

    Many times we cry out and then forget to listen for the answers! Dear Tina, you have such a touching testimony of your love for these children in pain. Your special relationship with Trevor and David is a gift from God. Along with this gift comes a great deal of responsibility which I am certain you will handle wisely, always seeking His counsel. The beauty of love is that when you reach out like this, in effect expanding your family, the love you have is not dissipated, but continues to grow to cover each person in that family. I love you; you are such a fine example to me!

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