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Eyes Wide Open

23 Mar

Many of you have asked me how I would sum up what I really hope to accomplish.  Great question!  Short answer: I want to offer orphans and other vulnerable children a chance to live to their full potential.♥  My heart is specifically on children who are age newborn to five children who have lost their parents and close relatives to AIDS. Where do these orphaned children learn to feel love, safety, trust and emotional connection?  All of which are so important to the developing child! 

In addition, many children whose parent’s are living with HIV often experience many negative changes in their lives and can start to suffer neglect, including emotional neglect, long before they are orphaned. Eventually, they will suffer the death of their parent(s) and even more emotional trauma results. In this case they suffer, with little or no support.  In a study carried out in rural Uganda, high levels of psychological distress were found in children who had been orphaned by AIDS.  Anxiety, depression, and anger were found to be more prominent among AIDS orphans than other children. Children who are deprived of touch and close physical contact in their early years have lower levels of social bonding hormones and decreased emotional connection to their outside world.  They suffer not only socially but also have an inability to manage stress, struggle to form secure relationship, and often have lower self-esteem.

Children orphaned by AIDS also miss out on school enrollment, have their schooling interrupted or perform poorly in school as a result of psychological and emotional distress.

Nurturing caregiving that is long-term and consistent must be provided to all orphans.  Newborns need to be held often, responded to and be the recipient of positive human touch and love! Yet with the numbers so staggering how do we begin to help?

….with one small step!  “My eyes are wide open”!

Tina Millican
“This Light of Mine”


Baby Doll Photo

7 Mar

Thank you for all of the wonderful encouragement, ideas and feedback you have already sent. Keep it coming!  I don’t have all the answers and your thoughts can only help guide me.  I had an inspiration today that I am working on developing.  Stay tuned. 

For now,  I have been asked to post a photo of the baby doll I referenced in “My Story”.  So here she is (taken from my phone)! Now isn’t she the cutest doll you have ever seen?


Hello World!

3 Mar

Thank you Carrie Morris and Blake Mycoskie TOMS Shoes (Author of Start Something that Matters) for inspiring me to take off my fear jacket and start pushing ahead.  Please read My Story and Start Simple and Dream Big on the main page of this Blog for more information about “This Little Light of Mine”.  This Little Light of Mine will eventually become a philanthropic arm to Doula Services Northwest.  The foundation of this project has been building for many years but is just now starting to illuminate my world.  I hope you follow me as this glimmer of light unfolds and becomes a shining beacon for the World to see and feel.

You are the light of the World, like a city on the hilltop that cannot be hidden.  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works…  Matthew 5: 14-16

My response: OK!

If you know of a group traveling to Africa (or abroad) to help orphaned babies/infants please let me know.  I would like to learn more about what you are doing and consider joining your efforts.  This year is my year of research and having an open mind to where my light will best find its glow.

I look forward to keeping you informed of the progress as this project unfolds.